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Hi This is Mohammad Liton from Bangladesh. I join in Forex trading business 10 January 2012. I have lot of  experience about Forex market. I am also student in Forex trading business. I am hardly trying to improve my self and I hope Forex trading is a another great way increase your earning.

We all are know Forex trading very risky business but if you have a good trading plan, a strong strategy then you can make money easily. Lot of traders loss his capital because they don't know about Forex trading properly.

Remember Forex trading business don't value your emotion so remove your emotion focus your knowledge, experience. First time I lost lot of money but now day by day increase my profit. I don't target big profit because I believe small profit day by day big capital.

Stay with me I will share my knowledge, experience and strategy and I hope you can make money from Forex market easily.

About Me

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